TransDiesel is a Kiwi success story. 

For more than 30 years, TransDiesel has been a leading supplier of construction equipment, diesel engines, generators, transmissions, parts and consumables to key industries throughout New Zealand.

TransDiesel and Adept recently collaborated to enhance the selling power of TransDiesel’s 4 well-established business units, Equipment, Power Products, Power Generation and Consumables/After Sales. To achieve this TransDiesel engaged Adept Group to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot, and in doing so formed a unique and powerful business partnership.

The project objectives were as follows: allow for simple cross-unit communication, to create standardised lead and opportunity tracking, performance transparency and centralised accessible client data.

Challenge – A Rapidly Evolving Business

The desire to look after customers, grow revenue & market share, and remain competitive in an always-changing market required a more holistic and deeper understanding of TransDiesel’s customers across the board.

All 4 divisions were using different tools for tracking customer activity and success. With different divisions using different software, TransDiesel were still seeing simple errors like a client getting visited by two sales representatives from different teams in one day with limited & segregated systems to track client activities. “We saw an opportunity to consolidate sales-lead data and business intelligence across all major business functions and the advantages of an automated sales pipeline with its data in one accessible place” – Paul Harris, COO TransDiesel.

Salesforce wasn’t new to TransDiesel, the Equipment Division had been using a self-implemented instance of Salesforce over the previous 4 years. The original implementation was adding some value, but it was not achieving the desired goals as described earlier. “While Salesforce provided some benefit to the business we knew it could deliver a lot more for us, we just had to find a way to unlock its potential. We knew we needed a Salesforce Partner to help us and Adept was selected to provide the expertise” – Craig Johnson, I.T. Manager – TransDiesel.


The project was kicked off with an ADEPT IGNITE Workshop to ensure that the key leadership stakeholders were aligned on where the priorities lay for this implementation.

A full end to end CRM implementation was the clear solution to unlock the potential of TransDiesel’s selling power. Using data from the IGNITE session and subsequent discovery sessions, Adept then architected, developed and implemented a Salesforce solution tailored to TransDiesel’s requirements, which included Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pardot.

With the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot TransDiesel were able to improve in fundamental areas:

  • Gain total visibility of all client data across the organisation

  • Automatically broadcast cross-sell opportunities between business units

  • Improve data hygiene with a standardised process for storing leads and opportunities

  • Provide better sales insights for key stakeholders assisting in key strategic decisions

The solution allowed TransDiesel’s business units to benefit from each other’s performance.

“We are now able to close an opportunity as ‘Sold’ in Salesforce and our Customer Service Representatives automatically receive a notification to follow up with the client to offer a full range of after-sale services.” – Jason Steele, National After Sales Manager – TransDiesel.

Adept Distinction

Key to Adept’s working ethos is an emphasis on value-based relationships. We work with our clients to gather a comprehensive understanding of the situation and environment resulting in a partnership with outstanding outcomes. This creates a trusting and productive environment in which both sides are clearly aligned, transparent and there are no hesitations when it comes to tackling obstacles throughout a project.

Adept consultants augmented the TransDiesel SMEs and worked as one cohesive unit. This created a trusting and productive environment in which both sides were clearly aligned, transparent and there were no hesitations when it came to tackling obstacles throughout the process.

“From my first meeting with Craig I saw that there was a clear alignment between TransDiesel and Adept’s values. It was great to acknowledge this with Paul and Craig and it gave us all comfort from the outset that our organisations would work well together.” – Kris Boyd, Director – Adept Group.

The Future

Adept and TransDiesel have formed a partnership with a long term view which ultimately benefits both companies. Their partnership continues to grow as Adept provide ongoing support to the solution they implemented and future enhancements are being planned. “The great thing for us is that this is just the start, thanks to the expertise of the Adept crew we now have a platform we can build from and with the right people involved the potential is almost unlimited” – Craig Johnson, I.T. Manager