Growing an exceptional capability

You don’t need to make a decision about whether to buy or build delivery capability. You can do both. Adept will give you a team to seed best practices, it will immediately deliver valuable solutions and put down roots on which in-house staff can grow their own capability. Adept pioneer this collaborative method in the Wellington market.

Building internal capability promises long term excellence and the ability to serve your business partners. But recruitment is challenging and you may have vital business deadlines to hit. Keeping pace with the latest delivery innovations and making sure your teams benefit from industry expertise is always difficult, and it’s an ongoing battle to attract the best talent and energise high-performing teams.

But buying-in capability is fraught with its own risks and there is nothing less productive, nor expensive, than engaging outside consultants to “tell” your teams how to work. Worse still, you can get locked-in to vendor tooling or ideas that keep you going back for more punishment.

That’s why Adept takes a different approach.

Our seed-team concept plants a knowledge tree at the heart of your organisation. We first fit into your existing structure and process to quickly add value by bringing best-practice to bear on your most pressing business priorities. We’ll prove the results and spread skills organically by gentle substitution of Adept engineers with your own staff, and on-the-job mentoring. We help you to help your people, grow your employment brand and deliver results.

Situations vary, but we typically find our seed teams are comprised of several developers, a specialised automation tester, an experienced agile lead, and are augmented with full-time internal business knowledge.

Julien Thomas