Salesforce Solutions

Transforming grand visions into working strategies, and delivering tailor-made solutions.

Why Salesforce

Ranked the world’s most innovative company of 2017 by Forbes magazine, Salesforce is the leading CRM platform with more than 150,000 customers worldwide.

Built on the premise that software should be delivered 24/7 to people wherever they are, the pioneer of the cloud-based CRM movement has grown to include an array of cloud suites, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

With a robust online marketplace of integrated third party products and a flexible infrastructure, Salesforce can be fully customised to meet the unique needs of organisations of all industries and sizes.

Why Adept

As recipients of the 2019 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award, we have proven that a successful Salesforce implementation takes more than just knowing how the underlying technology works. It’s about understanding business objectives and improving the lives of the company’s most valuable asset – its people.

Our talented team of Salesforce consultants has the industry expertise and analytical skills to analyse process, drive change, and solve real life everyday challenges. By emphasising people and process we’re able to transform grand visions into working strategies, and deliver tailor made technical solutions to address whatever business challenges your company may have.

We are also the only local partner in Australasia with practical implementation experience of Salesforce’s latest acquisition CloudCraze, the leading Salesforce-native B2B eCommerce and customer experience platform.

What We Do

Analyse Business Processes

At Adept, we believe businesses shouldn’t have to change their processes based on the functionality of the platform, but rather the platform should be customised to suit the unique requirements of each business. Our Salesforce consultants are experts at analysing and improving processes, to deliver an individualised solution that enables organisations to realise their full potential.

Deliver a Solution Design

When working with a platform as flexible as Salesforce, there are often many ways to configure the system to achieve the same result. Designing the BEST solution – the simplest, most user-friendly, secure, and scalable solution – is the trick, and our consultants have the experience and expertise to achieve this.

Integrate Systems

Gaining a 360 degree view of your customers often involves integrating Salesforce with internal systems and third-party applications. At Adept, we have the ability to integrate Salesforce with other systems so businesses can store and maintain their valuable data in one central location, allowing for streamlined workflows and a complete view of every customer.

Extend the Platform

As powerful as Salesforce is out-of-the-box, there are times when it needs to be further extended to meet complex business needs. Our talented team of in-house developers can extend the power of the platform through customisation, creating a personalised solution capable of going above and beyond.

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