It’s true that we don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it, but it’s also true that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. For me personally, that’s how I feel about Salesforce.

The implementation of Salesforce into our business was a real eye-opener. I was involved in the whole process from the initial scoping meetings through to rollout, and it was great to see the team in action for myself. They’re experts in their field and it was incredible to watch. There were very few limitations to what we could design and what we came up with is brilliant, and works really well for our business.

Prior to Salesforce we were using a combination of various software programs plus some manual processes, to achieve the desired outcome. It was frustrating and slow, and quite annoying at times if I’m honest. But now, with Salesforce things are much more efficient and the pain of jumping in and out of various systems is gone.

Using Salesforce for the first time was a breeze, I found it easy to navigate my way through myself however we do have an amazing team who provide training. Being involved throughout the whole process was probably a factor as I knew how I wanted it to work and what I wanted to achieve.

One of the biggest improvements for me has been around the generation of documents (something I do a lot of, generating agreements for both clients and consultants for each engagement). Using Salesforce, the process is much more efficient and what was a very manual time consuming task is now fully automated thanks to the integration of one of my favourite Add-Ons, Conga Composer and Conga Sign. Conga Composer is an electronic document generator which enables you to create really personalised branded documents inside Salesforce and then send those documents via Conga Sign which allows you to track their progress via regular automated updates, and receive the executed document directly to Salesforce. Documents can be viewed and signed on a mobile device too, which is proving to be a hit with our consultants. It has also removed the “badgering” element from my role (something I really disliked doing!) by sending automatic reminders when there are documents outstanding.

Another big area of improvement has been reporting. The reports in Salesforce are very thorough and can be tailored specifically to your individual business requirements. Also, managing our pipeline has become a lot clearer and easier by designing a multi-step cycle sales pipeline. It consists of multiple action steps that lead to the successful closing of opportunities, which we then produce contracts for using Conga Composer and Conga Sign. Against each opportunity we assign tasks to effectively manage our customers, leads, and general information related to sales, making it easier for us to continuously improve.

At Adept we work hard and play hard – fun is one our core values – and learning to use Salesforce was definitely made fun, thanks to Paul Foley. Paul, one of our extraordinary Salesforce Consultants, brought the fun via an app he’s developed called “Celebrate Success”, which launches a shower of confetti and gives a round of applause every time the status of an Opportunity is changed to Closed Won. This has been a huge hit with our team and definitely adds to the culture of our business – who doesn’t like to celebrate success right?! I love it! Paul’s app is available for download through the AppExchange, and it’s free! I encourage everyone using Salesforce to download the app and share in the fun with their own team too.

So, would I recommend Salesforce? Yes, absolutely! It improves efficiency and gives you more visibility of your business. I’m pretty lucky to work with such a talented team and feel very proud of what they have created for us internally – thanks guys! If you’re interested in using Salesforce and would like to experience the same amazing treatment I got, please get in touch with the team today via