We are excited to welcome Jodi Humphries to the Adept team! 

Jodi is the newest member of our growing Business Agility team. She brings with her a wealth of experience, with 18+ years in IT and over 10 years of experience in the delivery of technical change across the SDLC, and more recently in the role of an Enterprise Agile Coach.

A passionate people person, Jodi fulfills her professional purpose everyday by helping people to be the best that they can be, enabling them to have a better work experience. She does this through coaching, mentoring and teaching, whilst also taking a pragmatic approach to business problems and working closely with the stakeholders to find the best fit solution to how those problems are resolved.

“Connecting the people closest to the work to the ‘visionaries’ and the Business Value so they truly know their ‘why’ and help them to find the best ‘how’ to make it happen”

In Jodi’s words “In today’s world everyone is focused on being connected and technology plays such a big part in that.  As such, people have changed the way they interact with each other and the world at large.  People connect via the latest apps and other electronic methods, which while having its advantages, can dilute the personal touch.  My work as a Business Agility Consultant is to help organisations bring a human element back into the work that is done everyday by creating engaged and happy employees, whilst delivering at pace on the highest value outcomes for the customer.”

Business Agility at Adept Group is about helping our clients to transform their organisation through Strategic Alignment, Ways of Working & Ways of Leadership and Business Empowerment.  Jodi brings agile-thinking and agile-doing together in organisational transformations.

“I’m excited to be part of the Adept Group team as I’m looking forward to being able to work with a variety of clients and make a difference to more peoples work experience.  My personal values are Loyalty, Openness, Honesty and Continuous Learning. These align well to some of the Adept Group values of Committed, Trust and Curiosity.”