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Integration Services

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts

Successful integration strategies energise innovation and reduce cost of change. Adept’s integration services aim to unlock the potential of your valuable technology stack and give your people the freedom to access the capabilities and data that matters.

Our integration capability will help consolidate your most critical assets into a reliable, readily accessible processing network of data. Adept’s Agility, DevOps and technology expertise, combined with your domain knowledge, makes for a formidable integration-delivery team. 

Our integration expertise include:

  • Technology Design, Development & Automation
    • Enterprise & Experience APIs
    • API Management
    • Micro-Services
    • Event Driven Integration
      • Publish and Subscribe
      • MQ, Kafka and MQTT
    • DevOps Engineering
      • CI/CD
      • Operational Support
    • Hybrid Cloud IntegrationMicrosoft Azure
      • AWS
      • Google Cloud Platform
    • Apache/Confluent Kafka
    • Dell Boomi 
    • MuleSoft 
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Data Streaming
    • Big Data/Data Lake

So for any integration need you require, Adept will help with your journey and liberate your valuable business assets.

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