Business Agility & Enablement

Adept Group has extensive experience in helping organisations realise their strategic initiatives, by removing constraints and executing with more agility. We have built a reputation for delivering better ‘time to value’ with a tailored implementation approach for new ways of delivery working side by side with our clients.

  • Assist our clients to become more responsive in the digital era
  • Enable the ongoing alignment of initiatives and resources to strategic objectives
  • Create new ‘ways of working’ to remove constraints to agility and Time to Value
  • Empower the business to learn fast and adapt to change which should lead to better results for the organisation and their customers

This is a transformational activity, which needs to be embedded with sound change management practices as this will touch many areas of the organisation.

Our Business Agility & Enablement services encompasses a team of principal consultants, well skilled in the functional areas of building a more responsive business.

Our Business Agility & Enablement Services include

  • Business Responsiveness Discovery and Assessment
  • Agile Senior Management Briefings
  • Tailored Agile Implementation approach
  • New Ways of Working (Agile Frameworks and more)
    • Human Centered Design/Design Thinking
    • Introduction and Implementation of DevOps
  • Value Management (Agile and Waterfall)
  • Portfolio/Value Stream Management
    • Investment Planning & Optimisation (Prioritisation)
    • Portfolio Mobilisation

Our Transformation Services include

  • Technology Strategy and Roadmaps
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Portfolio Management and EPMO set-up
  • Enablement & Capability Build-up
  • Continuous Improvement Implementation
  • Managed Scrum Teams for Step Change

In addition we continue to offer traditional project services through Professional Services & Resourcing 

That’s the detailed way of saying that no matter what area of consultation you require for your initiatives, Adept can sort you out.

We have the knowledge, experience, the technological and business innovation, and the flexible approach that means your initiative is in the safest hands around.

The financial savings are well worth it – the stress and time savings are the icing on the cake.