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Architecture Services

Growth creates complexity, which requires simplicity.

Adept Consulting Services has a broad range of experience across Enterprise, Solutions and Integration Architecture. We have the proven ability to deliver what your organisation needs by effectively identifying problematic areas and transforming them into simple, realistic, achievable transitional architectural states – moving your business forward in today’s ever-changing technology landscape.

The broad variety of clients we have worked with has exposed us to an extensive range of technological challenges affecting organisational capability. Adept has consistently created transformative solutions to overcome these challenges, ensuring all architecture artefacts are well articulated, executed, and implemented to our client’s expectations.

Enterprise Architecture

Adept believes that successful Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the balance between translating your business strategy into enterprise change (Planning) whilst supporting the agility required for the delivery of key initiatives within your organisation (Execution).

Properly executed, EA unifies business and IT functions to enable your organisation to deliver more effectively its strategy.

Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architecture (SA) is the pragmatic discipline of identifying, leading and supporting the implementation of an optimal solution that aligns to the agreed strategic outcomes, and the enablement of desired business outcomes as transitional states or building blocks.

Properly executed, SA ensures that the solution being delivered meets both the functional and non-functional business requirements utilising technologies that are appropriate and fit-for-purpose for all current and future needs of your business and organisation.

Integration Architecture

With the continued adoption of cloud computing and the growing need of organisations to not only integrate their own systems, but to also enable digital capabilities through innovation, the role of an Integration Architecture (IA) has become critical to organisations. Its benefits include improved experience channels, increases in operational efficiencies, reduced costs and collaboration channels to your customers or partners.

Properly executed, IA ensures that organisations can execute on their business strategy in an innovative connected world.