We are incredibly excited to welcome Peter Reutlinger to the Adept leadership team!

We sat down with him to pick his brain about what he is doing at Adept, where he came from and how his history has shaped his consulting methodology.

What is Peter doing?

It is hard to put a definition on Peter’s role as it is, by its nature, incredibly agile and dynamic. Peter was brought in to drive the evolution of the Business Agility & Enablement arm of the business, but in his words “it has turned in to a revolution due to the varied needs of our clients and our drive to go above and beyond to satisfy these needs”.

When a company sees an implementation of change as just a process to follow, they can drastically underestimate the impact the change will have on their people and culture. To minimize this impact, Peter has adopted the principles of ‘Ways of Working’ into his work methodology. This emphasises working on the people side of change and helps implement business agility at the ground level, ensuring that the client’s people are accepting and supporting the change – “enable the people before the projects”.

Peter is also nurturing the capability of Time to Value (TtV). TtV is a principle developed in house at Adept that looks to minimize the time between the conception of an idea and its practical application. Peter’s method involves identifying bottlenecks within a client’s business processes, recognizing whether it’s a human or system process and then working with the client to remove them.

What makes Peter so effective is his outlook. To him the most important thing a consultant can do is “Work side by side with the client at every step of the journey; to discover and overcome challenges together”. This also ties into his Agile mindset, as Agile Enablement is not a cookie cutter exercise “every client is different, so we need to tailor business enablement and agility differently depending on a client’s individual needs.”

Peter’s plan is to surround himself with a team of likeminded Business Analysts, Agile Practitioners and Scrum Masters with a deep domain of expertise in all things Agile, Design Thinking and Continuous Improvement.



Peter joins us from an outstanding background in project, programme and portfolio management, with proven success in multiple high-profile New Zealand businesses, including ASB and Genesis Energy. Prior to this, Peter was no stranger to high-profile success, having been a management consultant to world renown brands Lufthansa and BMW in Germany.

During his self-employment (So Geht’s Ltd), Peter also led the transformation of the Academic Support Services at Unitec as part of the wider strategic re-orientation of the institute.

One of the keys to his impressive CV is Peter’s highly effective work methodology. He was first exposed to the concept of Business Agility more than ten years ago. He immediately saw value in its applications across a huge range of business challenges. Peter has been steadily developing his understanding of Agile Practice over the past 10 years to augment his ability to remove organisational constraints that hinder change.

Peter says that in the early days of his professional life “we looked at projects, project rescue and helping people to run projects in a very conventional way”. But first interactions with clients showed that they often had issues on a higher level around adapting to change and struggling to keep up with the pace of change. This is what led Peter to fundamentally change his way of thinking. The focus shifted to “what services can we actually offer to help guide the clients in the pursuit of business agility and agile enablement, to create a more responsive business”.

Why Adept?

Peter saw a “fantastic opportunity to be a major contributor to the impressive growth of the company”. Adept Group is in a stage of rapid growth and development; this is a fantastic situation for an innovative thinker like Peter, who says that “the ability to help shape the growth of a thriving business” was another of the key reasons he was drawn to working for Adept Group.

The people of Adept Group were another significant influence on Peter’s decision to join “People talk about family all the time in a business context, but a lot of the time it doesn’t go much further than HR buzz words. Adept is different though, with them you truly feel like part of a tight-knit family”. Having previously been exposed to Adept Group by working as a contractor in our Extended Family, Peter’s integration into the team was seamless.