We are incredibly excited to welcome Julien Thomas as the General Manager of our Wellington Branch. We sat down with him to talk about his history, what he will be doing for Adept in Wellington and why this opportunity is special.

Julien has built extensive experience in the IT industry after starting out as a software developer 30 years ago. His knack for supporting people and his technical understanding has led to a career managing delivery, coaching transformation and encouraging innovative change.

After five years as a Westpac team leader, he took a role at the Ministry for Social Development with the aim of implementing Agile in a highly siloed structure. This huge undertaking and early foray into Agile taught Julien the many challenges involved when introducing change to large organisations. But he was hooked.

As an independent consultant his focus became the adoption of Agile with emphasis on creating value and achieving customer goals. Clients gave his approach an extremely positive reception leading to many excellent outcomes.

Yet retaining agility in the longer term was exceptionally challenging for most organisations.

“I had to find a way to make the change sticky. I emphasized the building of strong foundations to allow the new Agile practices to strengthen well after I had left. I shifted focus to solidifying a new way of working, rather than simply adopting Agile,” he says.

Julien saw fantastic uplift among his clients with this renewed focus, leading his exponential success. It became the source of his reputation for helping organisations make great foundational change.

Aligning demand and capability 

Julien has the goal of establishing Adept Group in Wellington. Adept has serviced Wellington since inception, and Julien’s arrival enhances its ability to achieve customer outcomes in the region. His task is to align demand and capability. Adept already sees an increased interest which should help to motivate the new and growing team.

Why Adept?

Julien has wanted to kick off a new organisation for some time and Adept offered a perfect opportunity. “I was struck by the degree of integrity and honesty about the way Adept do business and retain customer focus.”

He sees combining Adept’s ethos and his own comprehensive experience as a recipe for success. “Adept don’t just swoop in and magically install Salesforce, or any other tool for that matter. Significant work and effort goes into integration and collaborating with clients to ensure Adept always creates optimum solutions. I’m privileged to be part of this talented team.”