Our Approach

A plan without execution is just a dream

‘It’s how we do it’

When we ask our clients what makes us different from our competitors, we always get the same answer – our people and the way we engage with our clients.

With a background in project management and consulting, Adept brings to the table a powerful combination of expertise and fresh thinking and underpins it with our Time to Value Framework (TtV).

When you work with us, you know that you are getting the best of the tried and tested and the new and innovative in one place. We strive to create ongoing business relationships that provide you with what you need when you need it. We can be with you part of the way or from start to finish, either leading from the front or working in the background. It’s all about helping you make measurable progress in a reasonable time!

The real point of difference is that we stay engaged. We see our customers as partners, so we don’t walk away – we provide constant support and leadership, which is why many of our clients have continued to be our clients for many years. And when individual clients move between organisations, often one of the first things they do is give us a call.

Tailored but not compromised

We believe it’s about outcomes – whether it’s digital transformation, an architecture road map, a project review or other activity that requires external expertise – Adept can help you gain the momentum you desire. We have an extensive range of delivery frameworks and best practices from Project Ignite Workshops to Agile Delivery, all of which we tailor to work within your organisation to maximise impact without compromising effectiveness.

We have a proven track record of successful project delivery and a team of professionals who will work hard to understand and deliver to your exact environment and circumstances.

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  • Step 1 - Empathise and Define

    Understand the problem/opportunity and associated outcomes

  • Step 2 - Validate

    Validate our investment opportunity with key stakeholders

  • Step 3 - Prioritise

    Prioritise by value and risk to meet stakeholder expectations

  • Step 4 - Deliver

    Iteratively deliver the required changes

  • Step 5 - Realise and Enhance

    Realise and measure benefits enhancing where necessary to maximise investment opportunity

  • Step 6 - Insights

    Gain insights and optimise investment